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@VinMcCarthy One of my favorite fights is Luffy vs Lucci now I have many other fights but I'm gonna pick this one because I remember it the most just because of what was happening and how luffy was willing to go against the world government to save robin!
Ok I have to include this fight also because DBZ was my childhood and Vegeta is my favorite but besides that this fight I loved it and then after that when he fought buu and sacrifice himself and his pride for his family!! Hope you enjoyed my fights xP
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@VinMcCarthy Yeah its an awesome fight and everything around it happening
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Awwww, dangit you stole the one I was going to use. *flails* lol Whelp, back to the drawing board, haha.
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@Danse you can use this fight also XD cause I saw someone who did the majin vegeta one also so just do what you believe! !
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@VinMcCarthy spoiler lucci gets his shit kicked in
2 years ago·Reply
Naw it's fine, but thanks. :) I chose another of my tops. :3
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