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I'm starting to think 75% of Vingle is just a bunch of Mainstream anime watchers. Is anyone here an otaku ._. ??
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never seen any of the mainstream anime...I like to search for ones that fit my weirdness
idk i like anime, but i usually watch slice of life, shojo, or just harem... i really like mysteries like magic kaito 1412 and hyouka, i like mekaku city actors too. and DEAR GOSH WHOEVER MADE STEINS GATE IS A GEINUS
i dont really habe a favorite anime because theres too many QwQ i also like assassination classroom, rokka braves of the six flowers, snow white with the red hair (SO CUUUUUTE) , say i love you (Mei why u gotta be so kawaii when u embarrassed? ), blue spring ride (ohohohooo), kekkaishi, robotics notes (plot progression was like watching paint dray and right b4 it got dry, another coat of paint was added xD) gakuen alice, skip beat, hunter x hunter is mainstream but i like it owo, case closed, charlotte, rozen maiden鈾esu! even though i like zurukspuluen or wtf u spell it better, and too lazy 2 type more
U just figured out the meaning to life馃挗馃挜馃挗
Requiem for the Phantom, Perfect Blue, Paprika, Kite, Serial Experiments Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, Claymore.....