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Just some sexy spam to get to you through the week!! I hope you all enjoy lol :D

Choi Minho...why do you do this to me???

Omg I can't breathe right now.... XD

Anyone in the mood for chocolate...abs? LOL

How is he so sexy??? Someone tell me how!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week :D

*Dedicated to @staceyneroland and @VixenViVi*
Where the hell is the water? Are you gonna provide the gallons of water needed for the thirst you just cause?
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AHH NOO NOT OKAY! Oh the feels!! But really, he doesn't need a shirt. Nope. Someone take all of his shirts away. He really doesn't need them.
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I just had a BAP overload and I don't think I'm ready for these pictures right now. ㅠ.ㅠ
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