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My favorite anime fight was definitely Gajeel and Natsu vs Sting and Rogue. The two first generation dragon slayers vs the two third generation dragon slayers. The build up for this fight during the Grand Magic Games arc was so great that i couldn't wait to see these four go at it. The fight was so intense and the power demonstrated by Sting and Rogue was incredible but in the end they couldn't compete with Natsu and his determination to win ( even after getting rid of his own partner) and the Twin Dragons fell to the son of Igneel the fire dragon slayer Natsu ( and Gajeel technically lmao xD). Definitely one of the best and most intense fights in the show @VinMcCarthy
dope! this is actually also one of my favorite fights of the whole series
Haha! I had picked the same thing!
@VinMcCarthy Was literally about to comment the same thing (x