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Most people who suffer this kind of abuse never find as much support as they need and deserve. Just because someone was not physically abused doesnt always mean they can just get over it. It can be just as traumatic as a sexual assalt. Sometimes more because an emotional and mental rape is done with total cruelty and without conscience by someone whom they have already bonded with very deeply and confessed their love. If i could compare it to something, it would be like going to bed with a prince who confessed his undying love only to be awakened to the fact that they are in bed with satan. Thats just as close as i can come to explaining it. And this is just a metephor. It has nothing to do with any actual physical contact. I let a man posess my heart and bonded with him very personally before i realized that he was a cruel man who saw me only as a sex object and would stop at nothing to turn me into that. No matter how much he had to hurt me, he was determined to bring me so low that i would just give in and do what he wanted just to have his attention again. I didnt give in but the emotional scars of having been treated with such cruelty and having been so devalued are still with me. And when i saw that he treated other women like they were worthy of his attention and they didnt have to do sex for him, that hurt so much. Why me? Why did he choose me? why did he have to wait until i loved him so deeply before he started showing me how completely worthless and despised i really am? So not only was i emotionally and mentally raped but i lost the man that i cared for so deeply in the process. The problem doesnt just go away because the abuse stops or the predator is no longer in my life. His cruelty stays with me. He was a methodical machine designed to manipulate, abuse and get what he wanted at any cost with no regard for the feelings of the victim. And the pain of losing the one i loved doesnt just go away. It is like greiving the death of a loved one when the love was real like mine was for him. So if i may be so bold, i will compare it to losing a close loved one and being raped all at the same time. I hate the monster i know today for what he did to me and taking away the one i loved who is still and always will be in my heart. He is a part of me and i spent a lot of time trying to get him back, trying to calm the beast and find the one i loved somewhere underneath the monster that wanted to destroy me. But i never found him.
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I say maybe that person needs to use the Bible, bcs he's will understand everything that person been though.. and if you are thinking where was god then he was there making you stronger minded so you may help others in that situation.