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Korean Brown Egg and Milk Diet
Women in Korea these days are doing a high protein diet of brown eggs and milk. The protein in the egg and the milk are supposed to help suppress the appetite. I’m sure that it might work, but I would get board of this diet fairly quickly. The eggs are brown because they are boiled in fine silt soil (loess). These eggs were actually gotten at a Korean Sauna (Jjimjilbang). They tasted great (especially with salt) and with milk, I guess it would make a fine snack (but not a meal). Hmm, I wonder what these eggs taste like. I hope that the diet consists of eating other food too @.@
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I feel like it would cause high cholesterol (unless you don't eat the yoke)--but then you would have even fewer calories :(
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I've actually had these eggs. They are really good and hearty. You don't need salt either. Not sure if it should serve as the only food in your diet though
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This would kill my vegan diet. lol. I would be worried about cholesterol too.
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these egg are really tasty I am not a korean but in our country too we eat brown egg and milk for breakfast
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