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10 facts on my Crush ( not Idol)
So I was tagged and suggested by @exoexo to do this card! Thanks girl! This Is my husband of 10 years. Let me introduce you all to the love of my life. Lance Nichols
Reason 1 He loves me unconditionally!
Reason 2 Love our son!
Reason 3, 4,5 : Puts others before himself. ( even strangers), hard working, and honest.
Reason 6:Seen a lot in life because of him.
Reason 7,8,9: he is honest, sweet and trusting!
Reason 10: He has always believed in me! He is everything to me! I hope you liked it @exoexo!!!
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Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! OMG!! So cute!!!
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@Exoexo thank you
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