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If you ever thought the world was running out ideas in the fitness and health world, you've got it wrong. So there's a new thing and it's called 'crunning.' Yeah, you've guessed's a mix between crawling and running. You're running on all fours.
Welp, that looks uncomfortable.
It's the internet's latest craze and Shaun McCarthy from Australia says he's the one behind the term "crunning." I wonder what muscle groups this exercise would target...I am going to take a guess and say calves, quads, and triceps.
Karim Baylor, a certified personal trainer at Equinox also told TODAY that "any exercise that involves full body motions leaves the chance to develop a lot of strength."
I am not quite sure what kind of benefits would come from this, and to what extent. I am interested in a discussion about how it may harm your body in the long run because the movement isn't quite natural.

Who's gonna start crunning?

I can see it... Crunning bomb... Photo bomb with Crunning.
OMG In my dreams, this is how I run. I can never run normally so my dream mind does this XD old news lol
this is dumb. anyone who tries this is either dumb or a troll.
Um this looks crazy. And painful. And... Dumb. Lol. I don't think I'll be trying it...
Back pain for sure....and it's probably really dirty to crawl with your hands. But, I feel like it would definitely help with growing your shoulder muscles haha
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