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Black lagoon spares nothing when it comes to action, entertaining episodes, and language above all else. Haha, the words that get picked out to describe someone can be more vulgar than a fight between two beyond drunk shitfaced groups. An all out small scale war is inevitable when dealing with Revy and the group. Meanwhile you have the choir boy rock who found his way into the group through the most unbeknownst way in any previous anime's. With the kick ass action and stellar gangster convo portions this anime kills it in all fields it was created for and great for any audience, besides young children due to language and violence. Haha, fucking cock sucker, Revy says it better though haha.
omg if that was a game, I would not be sitting here txtin on my phone
yeah this is definitely an anime I could try to keep away from kids!
@VinMcCarthy yeah. Other than it being def a more grown up anime due to violence and def language it's pedal to the medal with Revy constantly haha!