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If I were an idol I would be D.O from EXO

I'm a person who has different personalities lol
I am a very nice person who is basically the mom in my friend group
I love food and people tell me I look cute while eating
I sometimes (most of the time) space out, even when people talk to me and I basically look like d.o in this pic lol
I look like a creep when I see my crush at school but hey haven't we all
I have a very deep thoughts and sometimes I get way into them
I am very smart and I like to have a lot of time to my self so I can just think about stuff that is going on
I love to learn new things and I love going to school, my favorite subjects are world history, science, English, journalism etc...
I am a very clam person, very playful, awkward at times, a some what shy person, but this year in high school I am meeting new people and being more outgoing
I very much like to stay with my friends, since I don't know that many people, so I get very anxious when I'm introduced to new people
and finally I'm just super weird
So which idol is basically you thank you @kpopandkimchi for tagging me
In all honesty, I'm a mixture between Lay and D.O
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