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Llama Amber tho! She has always been my favorite f(x) member! I first found her as an MC for A Song For You and immediately loved her cause she's so charismatic! Plus she's from the States so I definitely look forward to any or all videos where she's speak English. She's not afraid to be herself and is super talented. 馃槃馃檶馃徑
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@TesneemElAlami lol I'm gonna copy Sunny's short haircut too
I love amber she is so down to earth. I get her orientation confused because she's so androgynous. The way she looks at Scott though is like she is head over heels for him,But she's stuck in the friend zone. she does cute stuff for him like when she used baby talk.He said why the hell are you talking like that. she played it off though... Vote for Amber she has the lead for her MAMA award!
@DanaNikole89 yess! I totally agree!! Scott and Amber would be perfect together but yeah I don't think Scott see her that way. 馃槩
gah I love amber !!! does she have a tattoo now?? that's awesome!
She is gorgeous. Inside and out. Love her too much!!