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I'm quite excited about this card as it gives me a chance to talk about one of my favorite novels.
So quick story summary: The story follows 5th Grade student Wataru Mitani as he stumbles upon "Vision", a fantasy world, after his parents divorce and his mother attempts suicide. Vision is a parallel world created by the dreams of people in our world. Wataru must go on a journey through Vision where, upon completion, he will be granted a wish to change some aspect of his life in his world.

Brave moment:

The reason I chose this is for a scene somewhere in the middle of the book: Wataru comes face to face with one of the biggest challenges on his journey. It's not a large monster or something that looks inherently evil...its himself. He is being attacked by a version of himself that is made up of all the evil and darkness and pettiness in himself that he doesn't want to see. In the end the darkness is too strong for him to defeat and so he accepts it into himself. He chooses to embrace all that he doesn't like about himself and in that moment defeats the evil and grows from it.

Why this is brave:

His willingness to embrace those things about himself that we do our best to deny and pretend doesn't exist is incredible to me. I think it's a great moment that leads to real growth of character. In the story, other characters must fight their darkness as well. They choose not to embrace it as part of themselves and are destroyed by it.
Sorry for being so long winded...congrats if you actually sat through this card!! I was just too excited. Tagging my book club peeps! @MakaSierra @MzDawson31508 @ButterflyBlu @karencorchado @melifluosmelodi @szewwy @LizArnone @jordanhamilton @shannonl5
@LizArnone I definitely don't think that's an easy thing for anyone to do...more a lifelong journey than a one time decision you know? It's an incredible book many great messages!
Wow that book sounds AWESOME! I'm set screen shotting this card to remember to look it up at the book store. That is def a brave moment, accepting ones flaws is so difficult!! Like I wish I could just accept my darkness, but I'm not quite their yet. Thanks so much for the response it was perfect!!!!
Ahhh this is so cool! I've never read the book, but I'm so glad you told me about it. I think you are so right! Being able to confront the worst parts of yourself is an incredible feat. I can't say I can even do that for myself...
Clearly I need to read this book because this is AMAZING
this is FANTASTIC <3 I've never read this book, but i was blown away by your summary :D
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