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What would you do Dare me to do?
thanks to @thePinkPrincess and @Exoexo and @xsandos17 for the tagging me...I will do you all proud.
I am tagging these awesome Vinglers: @shannonl5 @danidee @punkpandabear @CheyenneJessee @saraortiz2002 @AimeeH @rubychan19 @CreeTheOtaku @TerraToyaSi @beckiboop1996 @H8rt4u @sosoaloraine23 @butterflyblu @baileykayleen @allobarber @JessicaChaney @B1A4BTS5ever @EleynaMorris Sorry if you as already been tagged or any double tags. Super excited to see what gets the most picked.
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