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The greatest rappers of all-time is an endless conversation within hip-hop culture.

Who is the best of all-time? Who has seen/heard enough to hold their opinion as valid? While Billboard has opened up their range of music that they cover, they have decided to hone things in on rap today, delivering a controversial top-10 rappers of all-time list.
So who made the list?
Ranking at No. 10 is Lil Wayne who they contest had an epic run 2004 to 2009. No MC has ever rapped that well, on that many songs, for that long of a time period,” the publication explains. The magazine lauds K.Dot for being “the greatest rap craftsman to emerge this millennium,” placing him at 9 all-time.
Usual suspects Jay Z (No. 2), Nas (No. 5), and Eminem (No. 3) also make the list, as does Andre 3000 (No. 6), Lauryn Hill (No. 7), and Rakim (No. 4), who’s the only ’80s rapper ranked.
So who is the best rapper of all-time?
The top spot goes to Biggie Smalls for being the illest. Called “a linguistic master,” by the publication. Kanye seems to get little pub in this piece despite his HUGE impact on the culture. Same situation for 50 Cent.

Oh and Tupac didn't make the list. At all.