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The news has been pretty sad lately. So I wanted to kick off your Tuesday with a happier news story. Something a little more "wild"...shall we say.
On Sunday afternoon, two tenacious zebras escaped from from UniverSoul Circus outside the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The two ran around the city for a hour until they were caught and returned, but man did they enjoy freedom for that hour!

See how happy he looks just running around!

At least the police force tracking down these runaway animals had a sense of humor about the whole thing...

Hope this added a "kick" to your day!

Though these aren't orca, it sure is happy to see these animals run free for a bit! What do you all think?

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nope nope nope. As a person who has studied animals and their behavior in college, yes i have a major in equine science, they were most likely not enjoying themselves. I can only imagine that it was terrifying for them and that it may have only been helped by the fact that they were socialized by the circus a bit... They were probably very curious, sort of like the paradox of novelty there... but their adrenaline was probably pretty high and I can tell you they probably finally were able to calm down when they were returned home where there was food and water.
Hahah how awesome cx ^^ @MaighdlinS
I mean I would be pretty stressed out if I were kept in a zoo! Zebras are supposed to be free and running all round...I bet they enjoyed that freedom and after they had a taste of it, they're probably going to try it one more time
think you can call it temporary freedom for them but yeah I also agree that they might be scared and struggling
That's a really great point @MaighdlinS! I be they wanted to run but felt terrified with their environment too!!