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Think of a stereotypical "manly" man who probably has a beard and wrestles bears in his free time.

How lame, right?

My favorite K-drama characters are always the ones with the quirky weaknesses and the hilarious fears.
Here are some of my favorite male characters that break the masculine norm :)

1. Yun Yunjae

In this scene in Reply 1997, Yunjae is apologizing to Shiwon for something he did. She accepts his apology and even gives him a little gift ;D
You can start watching at 1:14 for the full freak out.

2. Hwang Tae-kyung

He is a neat freak and is really, really scared of germs. He's constantly sanitizing his room and doesn't like other people touching him. When Go Mi Nam spit in his room, Taekyung nearly passed out.

3. Hwang Tae-kyung

He's back again! He's also really not good with the outdoors, as you can see by his horrified expression at 1:40 :)

4. Gu Jun Pyo

He's self conscious about his hair so he straightens it one day, he gets scared of food that he's not used to, he can't swim, and he's a really moody baby.

What other male characters defy the male norm?

Kim Soo Hyun in MLFAS
Hyunbin in Secret Garden. He can't even pig skin.
Kim Soo Hyun is just my all time fave
oh my KYAAA Jang Geun Suk!
I really loved Hyun Woo in To The Beautiful You! He's so quirky and adorable!
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