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Hello Ladies!

Whether you're into beauty or not, keep reading because this card is for you.

Do you wash your face before you go to sleep?

It's okay, be honest. It took me twenty four long years to realize how beneficial washing you face before bed really was -- especially being an avid makeup wearer. I can't urge you enough to start if you don't already do so. Washing my face before bed and in the morning has become a daily habit. I can't go on with my day or lay my head down at night without taking the necessary steps to do so.
If you would've reminded me to wash my face before bed one year ago I would've easily taken a makeup wipe to my face and called it a night. I later learned that removing your makeup does not fall under the category of face washing. Mind you, I don't wash my face the typical way [with soap and water], instead I oil cleanse. As I mentioned in a previous card, that entails leaving an oil [I choose coconut oil] on your face for about five minutes and rinsing it off with water. I have never had the best skin [probably because I refused to wash my face growing up], but I can definitely see a difference since I started to incorporate the oil cleansing method.
I thought it would be a great idea if we all shared our night time or morning face washing routines, that way we could learn tips and tricks that might just benefit us as well. Of course, I'll be the first to list the steps I take to ensure my face is clean and nourished before I go to bed at night. Hopefully you take some tips with you from this card and don't be shy, be sure to leave your nightly routine in comments below. You never know who might want to shake their laziness and start washing their face consistently. Not only will they thank you, but your face will thank you as well.

Night Time Skin Routine:

Step One: Take a dime size portion of coconut oil and apply to face [do face mask once a week]
Step Two: Let sit for about five minutes or so
Step Three: Rinse with warm water and follow up with cool water to ensure pores are closed
Step Four: Tone face with witch hazel
Step Five: Spot treat pimples with calamine lotion, tea tree oil or dettol

What is your night time face routine?

Leave comments below and let's make washing faces a positive trend.
Ok this is mine. - Remove makeup with wipe - Take my Neutrogena and apply that to my face -Rinse - Put lotion on (not to little but not to much, it needs to be noticeable) - Take a hot wet wash cloth and set it in my face for about a minute -Dance around to my music for a minute. - Then I put a very thin layer of lotion on and let it dry ****VWALA!!!!****
For Korean skincare. I'll post the link when I get home tonight.
Your face will be dirty if you you do not wash it. If you neglect such routine you will get your pores clogged and then you get pimples and all sort of skin problem. There will be a lot of dead skin and backheads. Your face will not shine . If possible never touch your face with your hand unless you wash them first. sK11 is the best brand for me.
I love the hot washcloth technique & I also love the fact that you incorporated dancing to music, haha perfect :) @Baekyeol27
Wash it with essential cleanser: rise with warm water. Wash with blemish preventer/Deep cleanser: rinse with cold water to reduce pore size. Aloe Vera mask: rub some meat from my aloe plant all over my face: let dry. Lastly I apply some lotion to my face to keep it soft and the kind I use goes deep into the skin and reduces oiliness And that's my nightly routine and it works really well for me I haven't had any bad break outs for 3 weeks. I just need help getting rid of my acne scars
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