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In this world there are these creatures called ghouls that are like humans,only they can eat human food.These goul feed on the flesh of humans,by doing so the humans see then has monsters(which some can be,but that's everything).The story founds a college kid named Kaneki who has a passion for reading and loves to go to a little coffee shop to read. One day he see a young girl named Rize in the shop and becomes infatuated with her. The girl notices and asked him on a date. When the date is done Kaneki feels happy and good about the date, until Rize bites him. In shock he stumbles back and falls. Rize is about to finish the deed until a stack of iron beams falls and kills Rize. Kaneki is near death when he is shipped to a hospital and the doctors thinking Rize was a human transmits body parts into Kaneki to safe his life, but it will change has life forever find out what happens.