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Yesterday I posted the rules and the prize for what is going to be the last big giveaway of Nani November, something I have affectionately called the Nani November Thanksgiveaway.
If you need to check out the rules, or maybe just need a refresher, just click this whole sentence.
Moving forward, the question I have for all you lovely beautiful nakama of mine is this:

What moment in anime was the most romantic to you?

Personally, I think that when Sophie saves Howl in Howl's Moving Castle is the most romantic scene in anything ever. (I couldn't find a video for it, sorry.)
When she breathes life back into his heart and pushes it into his chest, that to me speaks volumes about their love. She literally brought him back to life with her love. If that's not romance, I don't know what is.
Tagging people who have participated so far:
@MaighdlinS I did now! XD
did you see my fight card? I just want to make sure you noticed me Senpai D:
how do I make a card? I can't figure this app out!!! lol馃槀
Oh that's a great one, Vin. That's hard, though. There are so many beautiful moments in anime... @VinMcCarthy
this may take a while to think of the best and I live howls moving castle and that part was good but that whole movie was a good part haha 馃槉
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