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Seoul has an awesome subway system that millions of people use every day. Here are some words that will help you out:


지하철 (ji-ha-cheol) - Subway/Metro
(yeok) - Station
출구 (chul-gu) - Exit (Seoul subway stations number their exits!)
호선 (ho-seon) - Line (Seoul subway lines are numbered so you'd say 2호선, 3호선, etc)
노약자석 (no-yak-ja-seok) - Handicap seating (for old, pregnant, or injured people)

Words to describe the subway:

조용해요 (jo-yong-hae-yo) - It's quiet
깨끗해요 (kkae-keut-hae-yo) - It's clean
편리해요 (pyeon-li-hae-yo) - It's convenient

Let's meet at Exit 9!

It's common for people to pick an exit number to meet at if you're going to a new neighborhood. Simply say: (Number)번출구에 만나자!


2번출구에 만나자! (ee-beon chul-gu-e man-na-ja!) - Let's meet at exit 2!

Test yourself:

Can you understand this dialog?

A: 같이 놀자!
B: 응, 홍대* 가자!
A: 9번출구에 만나자!
* Hongdae is a neighborhood where there is a lot of music and nightlife and foooood!
Basically the convo above... A: let's hangout! B: yes, let's go to Hongdae! A: let's meet at Exit 9!
They want to go to hongdae (don't blame them lol I wanna go there whenever I go to Korea) and they are gonna meet at exit 9 This is one of the first things I learned because I wanted to be able to get around over there lol