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**WARNING** This has profanity, but overall it's one of my favorites. If you want to be tagged in the next one, please let me know.
"Did I do something wrong? Why aren't you talking to me? What the fuck did I do? Look at me!" I yelled. Namjoon kept walking, completely ignoring my existence. "Talk to me! Did I do something wrong!?" I yelled again. My voice going hoarse. I stood in front of him in hopes of getting him to stop. He pushed me away and kept walking to his car. I was now sobbing and fell to the ground as I saw his car leave. I didn't do anything to him.. why is he acting this way? I called my best friend, Serena, after 30 minutes of just sitting in the pavement. S; He did what!? I'm going to go to his house. He's not doing this to you right now. I'm going to call you when I get there, okay? She hang up. I laid in my bed and recalled what happened. ~~flashback~~ I am eating the food that Namjoon made me.Its so good! He disappeared somewhere and when he came back he glared at me and then said, "Good fucking bye." I got scared and then I went to him and said, "what happened?" As soon as I reached him he pulled away and grabbed his jacket and was heading towards the door. Did I do something wrong? ~~ Ring, Ring. I picked up my phone and looked at the caller ID. Serena Me; Hello? S; I'm in Taehyungs' room right now. Me; Why? S; Something happened. Me; Explain. S; I asked him why he's angry like this and his response was, "Just because you're her friend doesn't mean I'm going to tell you. The fact that you come over here to talk shit to me and interrogate me in my own fucking house is so disrespectful. I don't care if you're V's girlfriend, just get out. You think you can always solve mine and Y/N's relationship problems, but just leave us alone. Oh and before you go. Just words of advice. Don't go trying to figure out other people's relationship issues. They can do it themselves." Now Taehyung is downstairs and they're yelling at each other. (Background) "HYUNG! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?" "DON'T ACT AS IF YOU DON'T HAVE SECRETS FROM HER. ACTING LIKE SHE CAN HANDLE SITUATIONS WHEN SHE CAN'T EVEN TAKE BEING AWAY FROM YOU FOR A DAY. AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! IM TIRED OF THIS. IF Y/N ISN'T GOING TO SEE THAT I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT HER THEN FUCK HER." Me; I really wish I was there right now. This is going to be weird, but give him a message to him from me? S; Okay. ~hang up. Me; Do you not appreciate me anymore? Is that why you fucking treat me like I'm nothing? Is breaking up what you want? Is that what you meant when you said, "If y/n isn't going to see that I actually care about her then fuck her." Is it? Because if it is, then go right ahead. I don't want to give up but if that's what you want, then go Fucking ahead. And one more thing. Don't you ever Fucking dare. Talk to Serena like that. You can talk to me however the Fuck you want just don't Fucking disrespect her. S; I don't want to show it to him.. Me; Just do it please. If he's going to express the way he feels, then I'm going to do it as well. S; okay.. *authors P.O.V.* Serena walks into the kitchen to see Namjoon sitting at the table. His face is red and veins from his neck seem to have been stressed before she walked in. "...Namjoon..?" she called softly. Half scared of what his response would be half scared she wouldn't be able to handle what she was about to do. Namjoon turned around and saw her. He let out a small sigh/laugh. "I'm guessing its Y/n. Tell me. show me. What does she have to say to me?" She turned the screen towards him and let her hair hang in front of her so she would see the tears well up in his eyes. He read each word slowly. Choking up and swallowing his saliva. As soon as he reached the last line one could tell he was far from happy. He hid his sadness behind a mask of anger and sarcasm. "Took her long enough." he cracked out of his throat. The silence that grew for 1 minute was broken by a sharp sound. Serena has slapped him and ran out of there leaving Namjoon to his sorrow.  Serena then called Y/n telling her what happened. *y/n P.O.V.* I need to see him. I have to confirm if it's actually over. Fuck. I love him so much, this can't be true. These stupid tears are making everything hard to see. Why is there-- **Authors P.O.V.** Serena arrived at the hospital with Taehyung. He was the one that drove her there. At the same time, Y/ns' mother barged in through the front door looking for the man who hurt her daughter physically. Serena and V ran to the room Y/n, was in and saw her unconscious body laying with a cast around her left leg and bandages around her forehead. Her face was bruised and she had scrapes on her arms from when she landed so roughly on the asphalt. Serena started crying hysterically and had to be led out of the room by her boyfriend. She couldn't shake the thought that This never would have happened if she hadn't showed Namjoon. If she just didn't listen to Y/n. The man who hit Y/n stood in the hallway. "I truly am sorry. Here. Her phone. I never meant to hurt her.. I'm sorry." Serena looked at him and grabbed the phone from his grasp. She looked down at the phone and saw that it now had a huge crack and the back cover was missing. She felt the phone vibrate in her hand and looked down. 'Joonie ♡' She answered the phone, and said, "Fuck her, right Namjoon?" She cried even more and threw the phone on the ground, letting it shatter to pieces. A soft whimper came from the room. Taehyung held the door open and darted to Y/n to help hold her down so she doesn't hurt herself more. Her chest moved rapidly and her wide eyes watered. The pain of the car barely hit her, and it didn't help her emotional state either. She looked at Taehyung then she looked at the ceiling. Her eyes shut, causing the tears to fall out and she felt the pain of her body and of her heart too. Serena sat in the chair next to the hospital bed as Taehyung went to find a bathroom. Y/n had cried herself to sleep. She hadn't even asked what had happened yet. She laid in bed motionless except for the the air filling her lungs and her soft breathe could be heard. On his way back from the bathroom Taehyung took out his phone and he put it to his ear. "Hyung....I need to talk to you." 15 minutes later Namjoon showed up. His eyes stinging red, his knees hit the floor hard and he had never dug his hands so deep into his temples before. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...." His voice cracked and his face beet red, he kept repeating while he sat next to her bed. "Why don't you take care of yourself.. This is why this whole argument happened... I saw all those medications in your medicine cabinet. Why,  knowing the problems you have.. Why do you always put yourself on the front lines? Why couldn't you just fight from a distance or not fight at all... I just wanted to take care of you, but its so hard when you don't even take care of yourself...." He mumbled. "I don't want to end us. I don't want you to go. I'm going to take better care of you. I promise." "I love you Jagiya.. Saranghae." It was like Prince Charming and Snow White. He kissed her bruised cheek and her eyes opened. She looked at him, and immediately felt pain again. "Go away." She said. Namjoon was shocked by her response. He clenched his fists, but remembered that he did overreact He blamed himself for this now. He closed his eyes and rested his head on her stomach.  "Never" "Ouch... You said yourself 'took her long enough' and many other things. Clearly you're happy. Now go out there in the world and forget about your ex girlfriend that is in the hospital." Namjoon giggled. "You're silly jagi. I'm staying by your side whether you like it or not. I'm like your guardian angel. I promise not to hurt you anymore. I'll cook for you whenever, whatever. And If you need... I'll even, Go buy things that a man shouldn't need to buy.. I'll be yours. Even if you're not mine. I just want you to know that I'm not going anywhere." "Never letting go..." "You know, you're still an idiot." "Yeah, but I'm your idiot." "Cant argue with that. You should probably get off my stomach. It really hurts" "Yes my queen." He got off my stomach and smiled down at me, his dimples showing and I couldn't help but smile. He leaned in and kissed me. This was one crazy night. I'm pretty happy I got ran over by a car because in the end, I had a happy ending. [Requested tags; @amandamuska @kmeier230 @JasmineWilliams @AimeeH @CrystalBlunt ]
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