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Ronda Rousey suffered her first lost in her career this weekend and the hip-hop community wasn't too kind to the talented fighter on social media.
It seems as if everyone was waiting for this moment, as the meme fest let loose as soon as she hit the canvas. Catch some of the comments on social media and memes below.
Below are some tweets from rappers and radio hosts in the hip-hop community on the ronda fight.
I guarantee Ronda Rousey texts and DM's filled with so many motivational quotes from Maya Angelou and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. -Charlemagne
But seriously tho... Ronda did so much for women's MMA & this rematch ticket!?? Whoa.. -Ebro
Oh @RondaRousey was sooooo close to 49-0 right @FloydMayweather? 馃槀锔忦煒傦笍馃槀锔忦煒傦笍 - Justice League
Someone may want to give Ronda a hug. She has to need it after this weekend.
He was given so much shit for his defensive boxing style but now....everyone is giving him so much credit for not responding to Ronda's remarks!
I feel like after Ronda's loss, people are beginning to respect Floyd even more.....
Dang, that last tweet was cold-blooded.
lmao yall some hoes 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Hahahaha this is hilarious!