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Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
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whats the difference between all three of them beside the writing ?
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romaji is the english spelling of japanese words. katakana is the japanese spelling of non-japanese words. hiragana is for the words that you dont know the kanji for and grammar stuff. @Desteny55
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na niga lol xD sorry
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@takinam no, cuz it's 'naniga' not 'nanga'. See how it's na-ni-ga, the 'n' isn't by "itself". If it was na-n-ga than it would have an N stroke because the 'n' is by "itself". Hope that helped! If not, I'll try again lol 馃槀
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@midnightskieslo Nono you explained it quite well thank you :)
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