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We are only 3 weeks into the NBA season, but one thing is obvious: The East isn't a kicking pole for the West this year.
Many aren't willing to admit the tide is changing, but the proof is in the pudding: the East has more teams with a winning record.
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has sensed a change in tide and was the first owner to speak up on the matter this weekend.
From the Dallas Morning News:

Going into Saturday’s games, only three teams in the Western Conference were more than a game above .500.

Seven teams in the East were more than a game better than .500.
“Let’s just hope it stays that way,” Cuban said before the Mavericks played Houston. “It’s a crazy season so far. I don’t think anything’s gone according to Hoyle so far, except maybe for the (Golden State) Warriors. The East looks like the tougher conference right now. And that’s a good thing. I’m really, really hoping the East becomes a powerful force and the West becomes like the East has been.”

Do you guys think the Eastern conference is for real this year?

east alway looks strong at the beginning of a season Cavs will be in the finals
@mchylang I think there are a couple of teams that as the season progresses could contend in the east. Cavs, Wizards, Raptors are three teams I like a lot out east.. esp Toronto
Then here's my question. Is there any team in the East that could beat the Warriors if they face them in the finals?
Hope curry dont go hes over hyped
east looks good right now my eyes are on the knicks
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