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No no no there is not no actual Fight Club but when it comes to relationships, one of the most important thing to have chemistry and understanding. We are all individuals and we have different likes and hates. Which we should respect. We know all the "norm" goals someone who will love me, not cheat on me etc.. With that said.. Now everyone has a different relationship goal, some people say "I'm going to look for a husband to take care of me" I'm like "I just want a person who can understand that I'm a different type of crazy." With this post Love Bugs, I ask you, what are your relationship goals?
This "was" my goal. I already have it except I am selfish and don't like sharing any of my electronics, for example I needed a new Xbox 360 I did not buy one I purchased two. I wanted him to have his own and we can play together Co op but don't touch my Xbox or anything that is electronic that has to do with me. That is my peeve and he actually gets me... . That is just one of my goals, I do have others... But this one was hard for me to find when I was in the dating game and also hard just finding friends.. I was constantly the odd one. And I still am! Lol
Absolutely, that is why he is gone. If I actually had true super powers. I would knock him to space lol. He put me through an true emotional recovery but I'm great now.
@LAVONYORK ugh, gross, you're much better off without someone like that in your life
Absolutely, I think not only love and commitment can keep a soild relationship, it is someone who can accept you for you! @shannonl5 my last boyfriend said to me "you are perfect, all you need to do is drop dead and turn Asian" yeah, ouch and burrrrn. So you can guess where is abusive and horrid self ended up... Not with awesome me! Pow
This is such a good question! I feel like this is a really important question and it's not one we often get the opportunity to consider... I think I like your take on it. Someone who gets your brand of weird and liked you because of it, not in spite of it