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Today's Nani November card asked what your favorite anime fight is and for me it would most definitely have to be Jotaro Kujo vs DIO at the end of JJBA Stardust Crusaders like omg this fight had so much hype behind. Jotaro and friends finally arrived to Egypt to finish Dio off for good. The lead up to the fight was really emotional (not gonna spoil anything). But this fight had so much hype to it that they even made an alternate opening for the last two episodes. So yeah that's my favorite anime fight Imma tag @VinMcCarthy cuz why not
awesome dude! the art looks super interesting
Yeah, this was REALLY good. I enjoyed it too. Man I almost want to go back and watch it again. xD If I wasn't in bed dead right now, I probably would, lol.
@Danse yeah it's so great I tend to watch it a lot XD