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The hacker collective known as Anonymous fired back at ISIS after they claimed responsibility for the recent attacks in Paris, France. Citing "cyber-warfare" as their chief plan of action, the group vowed via Twitter and a chilling video, that they would wipe ISIS from the internet.
This video, spoken in French is an message to the radical terrorists. Massive cyber attacks are to be launched against ISIS, much like their stand against members of the KKK, which exposed their twitter accounts and linked back to their real life profiles.
#OpParis targets ISIS' social media accounts. The hacking group wants to expose the people behind the accounts, target supporters and try and lead to justice. This is a noble member.
Many ISIS twitter accounts, have been hacked, shut down or slowed down by Anonymous attempts. The Twitter account, "more than 3,824 Twitter accounts pro-ISIS are now down."
Anonymous also shut down ISIS donation sites that have been housed on the deep web for sometime.
The key message from ISIS' twitter attack was this, "Make no mistake: #Anonymous is at war with #Daesh. We won’t stop opposing #IslamicState. We’re also better hackers.”

What do you guys think about this? Is Anonymous sticking their nose where it doesn't belong? Or is this what we need?

I totally just wrote about their reaction to this! I actually think they might be able to do something about this issue, since so much of ISIS recruitment is through social media and online chat forums. I wish there was more transparency on who they are and how they are getting things done, but hey, as long as they are fighting the bad guys, who know? could be an awesome thing!
any attack on Isis is well warranted and backed by me 500%
I guess I'm old school, I never warned people "I was going to hit them in the mouth", I just did it. (I'm not a violent person or tuff guy), but you don't threaten anything, they will realize your intentions after your actions tell them all they need to know. and if they didn't "have the goods on who was who" to be exposed already, then they shouldn't be barking.. About it. God bless all that will help stop this craziness, so know I want the good guys to win, I'm just frustrated that so many good people have paid the ultimate price while the good guys figure it out. (PLEASE say a prayer for the families of the victims who are also victims).
take the money away and the the power will be"s always at the root of all evil..I hope it's real..Go anonymous
The point here is that Anonymous, a group very hard to break because of their secretism, is making the identities of ISIS members and people affiliated with ISIS known to the public. Doing that only makes it easier for governments to do something if they're willing to take action against ISIS.
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