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The trend that we are all too scared to try.

You guessed it. I'm talking about mixing prints. It sounds scary, but it's easier done than said. It's usually the opposite, right? Well, in this case the roles are reversed and as scary as it may seem it's definitely a trend worth giving a try. You might think you'll look like a complete crazy person mixing snake skin with leopard print, but guess what? Believe it or not -- it actually works.
It might seem like a lot, but it's fun and adds a bit of life to your look. To figure out what prints look best together, keep scrolling and get to mixing and matching.

Polka Dots With Different Prints

Adding polka dots on top of polka dots would be a bit too much, but combining another print with polka dots makes for a great fashion statement.

Black On White Prints

Because we love the monochrome trend so much, mixing black and white prints together is easily a match made in mixing print heaven.

Layering Prints

Who said you can't have layers upon layers of prints? The more prints, the better.

Stripes And Animal Print

Animal print is easily the most worn print in the fashion world, so why not throw on some stripes with it? It actually looks super chic and well put together.

Ladies, is this a trend you would give a try?