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2015 is a statement year for the Washington Wizards.
The team has done a lot of player development and solid drafting to get to this point. They are ready to take this team to the next level and they believe it starts with their backcourt.
John Wall and Bradley Beal are very talented guards. The Wizards don't get as much air time as some of the big market teams, but they are making an impact where it matters most: the box score.
This weekend the press addressed the dynamic duo and they didn't hold back on the media, stating they are the best backcourt in the league.
Wall appears to have reached perennial All-Star status, and Beal seems to be following in his teammate’s footsteps.
Per ESPN (via EOB):
Some people would say it’s (Stephen) Curry and (Klay) Thompson. How would you make that argument? […] Wall: “We are.” Beal: “We are.”
Because? […] Beal: “Both ends.” Wall: “Both ends. We play both ends of the court.”
Beal: “We’re just competitive.” […] Wall: “We take nothing away from them, but we just feel like we’re the best. I’m never going to say anybody’s better.”

Do you think John Wall and Bradley Beal are the best backcourt tandem in the NBA? If not, who do you think is better?

Yes I agree! I love seeing them play together! And you can really tell they are working their asses off both offensively and defensively!
Yeah they killing things