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In response to a give-away(most commenters wins)I will explain why I ship this so much! I know everyone ships Rin with Haruka and Rei with Nagisa, but forget all that noise because these two belong together! Share your opinion or answer one of the questions in the comments! Likes and clips are totally appreciated but more commenters means I could win a prize! Don't worry this card is harmless and PG(some swearing), so enjoy! ^_^

Reason 1) They are not childhood friends, usually I like it when a childhood friend becomes more, but not here. I feel like Haruka and Rin have too much of a deep friendship for something like this to happen. However, Rei is totally fresh meat!

Reason 2) Rei is completely unafraid to lay hands on Rin and call him out on his trivial bullshit! But then again, Rin is not afraid to comeback at Rei. Somebody needs to be able to put Rin in his place and Haru just wouldn't be able to cut it all the time. Plus I think it'd be pretty... well... hot to have these two hot-tempered guys in a relationship!

Reason 3) Rin took the time to teach Rei to swim more than just butterfly stroke. That is very sweet and downright adorable. And seriously! Rei made homemade cookies for him and if that's not anime love then dammit, I don't know what is! He even made them specially catered to Rin's dietary needs; that's pure dedication!

Reason 4) This is a huge reason; Rei basically got Rin to be friends with everyone again. Rei made Rin face the fact that it makes no sense for him to be so hateful and that beating Haru once should have been the end of this mess. As if that wasn't enough, Rei also gave Rin his spot on the team to let them all swim relay again, and as hard as this was for him, Rei knew he wanted everyone to be happy.

Honestly though, I am not sure what these two would really think. Yes, Rei it defies reason... But love is something that really has no reason to it!

Question 1) Do you guys agree? Or do you ship Rin with Haru and Rei with Nagisa? Who ships Haru and Makoto? Who ships Rin and Sousuke?

Question 2) What do you guys thinking of shipping in sports anime(or any anime)? Do you think us shippers are just too thirsty that we ship things that aren't even remotely there?

Question 3) What's a ship that you love and is it real, one that is practically there, or a complete figment of your imagination?

Leave your answers or opinions in the comment section! ^_^

HAHAH this line killed me!! "Plus I think it'd be pretty... well... hot to have these two hot-tempered guys in a relationship!" I don't know Free well, but I love this card ^^
*claps in applaud* I hadn't even fathomed shipping these two before reading this. You're evidence on their possible romance has a good foundation, but I don't think you took the whole 'sexual aspect' to mind. I feel like these two would have issues with dominance. Wheras (my OTP) Rei seems to show some submission to Nagisa. But that's just my speculation~ All in all, you did a pretty good job with convinving me. I think I'll mention this ship of yours to some of my Free! fanatics (^ω^)
LOL Oy Oy, I just used that Gif! xD Must be popular. Love the ship, though I prefer Nagisa and Rei because they're both adorkable. <3 But I respect all ships, yes indeed!
@VixenViVi It's like anime 101
Im sold XD he made cookies so its love <3
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