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I love hongbonglez too btw ;D Any ways sorry for the hiatus. Life caught up with me... Today gang we are going to learn some more complex letters.

Double Consonants

it sounds scary but it's not (that bad).
These actually aren't that hard since they are like the harder prounounciation of the root letter. ㅃ this makes a hard (or English) B sound. Like button. ㅉ makes the hard (or English) J like joy. ㄸ this one makes the hard (yet again English) D sound as in dog. ㄲ the hard (English) G in good is the sound this makes. ㅆ this one is actually the same pronunciation as the s in English. If it were just ㅅ it'd have an implied H sound

Aspirated Consonants.

These are a bit different but easier understood when spoken.
Aspirated consonants are called aspirated because you stop the sound and a little puff of air comes out with it. ㅍ so here this is the aspirated form of ㅂ,it sounds like the p in petition. ㅊ this is ㅈ, but instead we prounounce this beauty as ch like chart. ㅌ part of ㄷ's family, this one makes a hard t sound like in toy. ㅋ here we have a friend of ㄱ, they make the k sound like in okay.
now if you haven't gone batty then by all means practice saying them aloud! it helps you differentiate between them.
Love it and I keep practising . Kamsahamnida!
I practice them out loud. Thank you for this card. It's really helpful!