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How well do you know your favorite character?

We loved this game last week, so I thought we could play again! I'm going to tell you two truths and a lie about one of our favorite characters (Loki!!!); you have to guess which two are true and which one isn't! Sounds easy, right?
Laufey is actually his mother (not his father) He appeared in the comics before Asgard did He's canonically sung songs from the musical Wicked

Think you know the answer?

We'll see!

I DON'T KNOW!! 馃槶 they all sound true!
@shannonl5 @BeannachtOraibh I just realized I don't know anything about Loki lol (hangs head in shame)
2 is actually complicated...see, the figure Loki first appears in 1949, but the modern Loki first appears in the same issue of Journey into Mystery as Asgard and Heimdall's first appearances. The tricky part of defining which came first...the first story panel is of Asgard, with Loki...erm, outlined in the next. However, there is a splash of Loki immediately preceding the first page. So, whether it is a lie is dependent upon your perspective of what a "first appearance" is.
Imma say 1 and 2 in truth and 3 is a lie
I am going to say that the lie is number 1. 2 and 3 are truths.
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