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If you've seen my other cards, then you might have guessed I'd go with Vegeta on this one.
The first time he goes ssj in a fight! Against android 19... I felt chills leading up to this transformation the first time I saw this.
And even into the rest of the battle I remember not being able to stop smiling and bouncing up and down as Vegeta beat the living crap out of this guy.
Over the years I still find myself rewatching this battle over and over again. Not because its the most fancy or flashy anime battle I've seen, but beacuse Vegeta has always been my boy and to see him hit the next level he had worked so hard for was just a great feeling.
To see him triumph over his enemy has always just been amazing to experience. So glad that even though Vegeta is Toriyama's most hated character that he still enabled him to grow into such and awesome saiyan.
He's just a bad ass and thats why I say, "Prince Vegeta for the Win!".
hope this works well for the challenge. :) @VinMcCarthy and have you done this one yet? @thatperson512
Vegeta is my favorite dbz character bc unlike goku, who just trains some and his next stage just happens, vegeta actually trains rather hard to achieve the next level. An example of this is when krillin died in front of goku, that just handed goku super saiyan, where as no one was close to vegeta to cause him to go super saiyan. he worked for his transformation.
Also, this fight was great. Watching Vegeta stomp that android was incredible. Also, one of my favorite quotes came from this fight "Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?"
Yup you can check it out here https://www.vingle.net/posts/1208239 Mines a Vegeta battle as well. Lol. I didn't go into much detail cuz I was rushing to make it but I intend to make A LOT of Dbz related cards later so I'll have my chance to rant about it more. Lol
Haha, right!?!.
You should check out my other card about Vegeta in that case and tell me what ya think. ^_^
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