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Here we are again: The Holiday Season! It's a beautiful time of year for most people. We get to spend time with loved ones, eat way too much food, and drink until we're in the Spirits! Decorations are a joy (or chore?!) for young and old alike. We tend to share memories and ponder love and life. The past few years have also introduced a new tradition for so many people. Yes, 'Tis also the time of year for everyone to inundate their Facebook feeds with daily proclamations of what they are thankful for in their lives. Don't get me wrong: it's a lovely idea. More power to ya! Unless you are someone like me... the person who posts Day 1 and then promptly forgets until Day 17 when you see someone else's posts. Maybe I'm too busy. Maybe it's forgetfulness. Either way, I tried it one year and never again. I just can't keep up. (Then again, I'm hardly on FB anymore, unless I have a specific reason.) I am super thankful, though! Many people and things have wandered into my life over the years that makes this time of year even more special. So I decided to share those with you here! (I'd LOVE to make this a challenge, ya'll!!)


DAWWWW, here is my baby, my main man, and the ruler of my world. 馃挏 He turns 8 in THREE DAYS! *sobbing* He's handsome and funny and as sweet as it gets. I am thankful for him every single day. What a gift...


I have quite a family! Mom and Dad, three brothers, and me, and the minion. It's a good life, seriously, if you're ok with being the youngest and only girl whose brothers insist on being your personal bodyguards and dating service. lol. I also have a HUGE family on my Dad's side. (He has 16 siblings. No joke.)

My Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World

People, you couldn't ask for a better human being to know!! He is funny and snarky and kind. He is sarcastic and constantly encourages me. He makes the WORST jokes at exactly the right time. His hugs heal me and his smile makes me smile. We push each other to be better dancers and, more importantly, better people. He is the one I know I can call at any time and he will drop anything to make sure that I am taken care of and happy. We met SO long ago when I had just turned 8 years old. Two decades later, after years of being partners and friends, I realize what a gift he is in my life. We've been through a lot together and seem to accept each other's flaws. He will forever be my best friend... I'm a lucky girl. 鉂わ笍

My Friends

There is nothing better in the world than our friends. These are all people who inspire me, lift me up, push my buttons, and make me happy. Some I consider to be sisters; some I call other names. But I absolutely love them all. 馃挋 Evan, Heather, Kristi, Mike. 馃挋

My Passion - Dance!

Yeah, I am super lucky. Two of my passions are also my jobs. I get paid to dance and teach others to dance. Recognize that guy there? You should! (He's the Bestest friend from up there.) He's my partner in this business. I also get paid to read and edit books. Seriously: Life is good. I am blessed to have work that is steady, solid, predictable-ish and that I enjoy so very much.

My Home and Pets

This is where I am most comfortable, other than the studio. I cover myself in comfort and warmth and part of that is having a home that I love so much. My pets make that all the better!

馃幎 Music 馃幎

Music keeps me sane. It makes my life complete. When I am sad or angry, I turn to music. When I don't know what to say, I turn to music. When I need an emotional moment to pass, I turn to music. Okay, truth is... I'm obsessed with music.


We all have hobbies (I hope.) I am thankful that I have the hobbies that I have because they have introduced me to many awesome people, places, and ideas!

The Beauty of this World.

I've always loved to see the world. I absolutely adore those moments when I am made to feel small and insignificant among our surroundings. It's a beautiful feeling - literally AWE-some. #1- Choctawhatchee River, Newton, AL (where I grew up) 2 or 3 summers ago. #2 - My Brother's Backyard, Palmdale, CA - last fall #3 - La Jolla Children's Beach, San Diego, CA - April 2015

Our Freedom.

I am lucky enough to live where I do, where, for the most part, I am free and allowed to live my life as I choose. Remember that not everyone is so lucky...
Which brings me to...

All of YOU!

I am thankful for each and every one of you. You have all, in some way, made an impact on me. Whether good or bad, our relationships matter to me. Without each of you, I would not have learned something that I have. 鉂わ笍 Thank you for being YOU! 鉂わ笍
Aw, this was such a beautiful card! The pets -- cuteness overload!!! And I think it's amazing you get paid to do your passion! Not many people can do the same thing. <3 <3
AHHHH I love this so much, Stacey!! I'm totally going to do one of these soon. I especially love those pictures of your dance studio. You've already told me so much about it, but it was cool to see pictures! :)
Please, everyone! If you make a card (AND I HOPE YOU DO, whether I tagged you or not) Please tag me so I can read it and collect them all! <3
This was an awesome card!!
No wonder it took so long, you did an amazing job. *stare* That nose though. Guess I can be thankful for that this month only. *hug, wink* A really beautiful card, thank you for sharing this with us. <3 @ButterflyBlu
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