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It's all been leading up to this...

All right Marvelers. You've fought bravely. You've found allies and picked sides. But now it's time for the FINAL BATTLE. Who will win? Let's look at the opponents again...

Team Stark was hit hard.

They lost their leader, Tony in the last battle. @SeanMiller7 @AlejandraMarin @MatthewNogle @kayelam @TambryInskeep @TonyMaldonado @ChiefAlphaGoat @CodyBunting@Slyksterr @forgetmenots @mikeyypat98 @BernardJackson @MizukiDreyar10@gatorchick96 and @Bakuman247 have all fought hard. Will they recover in time to claim victory?

Team Cap has dedicated all their forces to this conflict.

They recruited Spider-Man, Deadpool, and the team Cloak & Dagger. @AnnaDodd @SylviaRoseTyler @Josuawhaley @DannyFerarra @TylerOrtega@bluerose101 @Krystalstar22 @TyTruth @Thatperson512 @MoisEsGaray@JonPatrickHyde @YoSoySoysauce @OGv6FATE @LAVONYORK @Karthikkrazzy1@amobigbang @superwholocked and @purplem00n23 have all been gunning for Team Stark from the very beginning. Can they keep it up?

And then there are those still undecided...

Y'all can be on Team Jacob.


Well, we're still sorting through the wreckage. Which means you have 24 hours left to help your team. Make a card, comment on the cards in the civil war collection, do whatever you can to show that your team is without a doubt the victor!
#teamCap of course!!! even my birthday said so!!
without tony #teamstark is just a country without a king or president someone could step up but still... #teamCap all the waaaaaay
Ummmm #teamCAP all the way still!
Pleased to meet you - hope you guessed his name... Seriously. After bringing the Prince of Darkness into the fold, and I dare anyone to call "Lou" predictable and boring. I think he's planning on taking the souls of the fallen Team Stark members for a Luau in Hell. I hear that Thursdays are Hukilau Luau days in Hell... Anyway... with the 2nd most powerful being in the Universe on the Cap's side... unless "He" wants to come to the aid of Stark... which "He" typically does take the role of neutrality... Team Stark isn't going to be able to come up with anyone with more power or abilities. Game over. Don't forget to grab your asbestos soul protector on your way out the door... Wait. Yeah... damn... Stark never got around to inventing those before he was smacked down into the 4th inner circle to roast. Today's forecast - scorchin'!
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