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@Allobaber wrote an awesome card about running. Running is awesome, and I definitely respect it. I wanted to write about what motivates me to lift weights...

I Lift....

Because I feel strong as hell

I get to lift weight that the average person cannot. Gotta move a couch? I don't need help, I got it.

Because I love the way my body is transformed

I love muscle. I love it when my abs peak through, my quads looks like they're made out of concrete, and I appreciate the muscle growth.

It makes me feel confident

Lifting weight makes me feel like a superhuman. When I lift, I realize how amazing the human body can be, and it feels amazing to see MY human body do EXTRAORDINARY things.

I feel energized and alive

When I lift, I jump out of bed with more energy than caffeine can ever give me. I just feel the most alive when I am lifting weights.

It helps me be overall healthy

When I am lifting weights, I care more about what I put into my body. I care more about my happiness, my environment, I want to overall improve myself.

It's just fun!

Weight lifting is so damn fun. I feel like I am a kid in a playground. It doesn't feel like a dreaded exercises -- it just feels like FUN.
I have a love-hate relationship with soreness lol. It's okay, but I've fallen over before from squatting because my soreness was sooooo bad. And I had no weight on my back haha
I lift because I love that sore feeling the day after! I really feel like I've achieved something!
@alywoah ahhh I love this card!!! Glad I inspired you :) honestly, reading this made me wanna hit the weight room too!!
@alywoah Ahhh...I know that feeling...not working out for a long time and feeling guilty so going all out!
@mchlyang yesss lol. I think it was one of those times when I didn't workout for weeks, so I decided to do a lot of intense lifting for a couple of hours. at the end of it i felt crippled.
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