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before park jimin decided to invade all my bias it was well known that suga was my lover, but suga wasn't strong enough to fight off jimin and the jibooty...
why must he be so adorable. I know I sound like a typical fan saying this but I think I'm really in love with jimin. AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT!!!
he is so handsome, but I feel like he doesn't really let it get to him and I like that I don't like cocky people and honestly after watching jimin for awhile I know he's not like that he has a heart of gold
and we can't forget about his dorky personality. and horible job at doing ageyo
I mean I don't want to single out jimin, I love all of bts, because of their caring and dorky personality. I'm jus saying if I can't have jimin suga better get ready... just sayin...
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Oh my gosh this guy kekeke :D:D:D:D!