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Star Wars in only a month away and I think the general consensus is that everyone in the world is excited for it to finally hit theaters (if you're not excited for Star Wars then you're probably excited for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which is, like, the Star Wars for normal people). And that excitement stretches all over the globe. In Moscow, where they held the Fencing Senior World Championships, there was a choreographed lightsaber fight and it's amazing to watch.
The video above is edited with all the Star Wars sounds you'd expect. You know, the epic music and those "whoosh" and "krrrsh" noises that lightsabers make when they hit the air or another lightsaber. While I watched the video I was honestly entranced by their movements. It takes a lot of skill to make a lightsaber battle look interesting and these two seemed to do it perfectly.
It also made me wonder if there'll be any lightsaber fights in The Force Awakens. I'm not really sure there will be and if there are, I'm not sure if they'll be as elaborate as the one above. You know, since Finn is learning how to use his lightsaber properly for the first time in this movie, you can't really expect him to be flipping around like the people in the video above.
And then I thought about fighting with a lightsaber myself. Like, if they were real. And it made me so glad that they aren't really and that I'm not a Jedi Knight or anything. I'd probably chop one of my limbs off by accident or just die immediately. If the Star Wars Universe was real and we lived within it, I don't think I'd be able to deal with the Force out of fear. I don't know what I would do with that kind of responsibility/power. I'd much rather fly an X-Wing around all day. What about you guys? You think you could hack it as a real Jedi? Or would you just, you know, want to fly spaceships with me all day (please pick this one)?
I wish I could learn to fight like that
@Captpeter @RodneyYoung I know right? This is just getting me more and more excited for The Force Awakens
that was perfect just awesome
oh my gosh that was AWESOME
@paulisaghost lol just go with the flow
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