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Hey all, we're over a week deep in this final two-week event that will wrap up the Nani November event, the Thanksgiveaway!
More than that, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with is comes the lazy, food filled Friday! Wooo! (I may be less active in the coming days, but don't worry, I've scheduled out the NN cards and I will check up on all of them when I get back!)
So this question today may be a little familiar sounding, because I asked about favorite powers before, but I'm trying to be more specific here:

What do you think is the best 'ability' in anime?

I'm talking about like, one specific technique.

For me, it's Naruto's Rasen-Shuriken.

When Naruto first got the ability to use the Rasengan, I was stoked! It was so cool, and a power to rival the Chidori that Sasuke could use.
But I always wished that he had the ability to throw it. I always thought that would be the logical next level version of the ability.
When Asuma taught him about the wind element of his chakra, Naruto developed that into his signature attack and created this badass decimating move.
Idk probably dragon slayer magic from fairy tail
Either the Kaio-Ken (DBZ) or All-Fiction (Medaka Box)