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Buttons is a serious business when it comes to suit. It might at first seem easy– there are buttons. There are holes. The buttons go in the holes. Done. But there is more than that. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: One should always button one's suits until one sits! And when one stands up again, one needs to refasten the jacket! Good so far? SINGLE BREASTED SUIT: You can find the guide to the different types of suits here: - One button: this one is easy to remember. Always button it when you stand and unbutton it when you sit. - Two buttons: always button the top button and leave the last one unfastened. - Three buttons: always button the middle button, the top button can be left unfastened or buttoned depending on your taste. Always leave the bottom one unfastened. - Four buttons: this is sacrilegious. Don't wear it. DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT: - Fasten all the buttons except the bottom button (but this is optional. Prince Charles usually fastens them all for example). However, remember that the double breasted suit should always be buttoned even when you're sitting. Only unfasten the buttons when you take it off. I won't go into details into the history of why there are certain rules to buttoning your suits. I'd just say simply that there was once a king who was too fat he had to unbutton his suit and everyone followed him. And so now it has become an unspoken rule of fashion. Yes, you heard it right. fashion is influenced by obesity.