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These days everything is a trend.

If it's made it to the world of social media, more than likely it's trending -- even if that something happens to be something personal like intimacy. When it comes to celebrities, they don't care what information they dish to the media as long as they see their names in the headlines -- they're good. Over the past few years there has been more and more couples vowing to be celibate. Don't get me wrong, that's amazing and it takes a special person to look past the ways of society and practice something such as celibacy. What I don't get is, why does a person personal information need to be broadcasted? Okay, you and yours have decided to be celibate -- great! What makes you think that your fans care about such? I mean more than likely they do, but they shouldn't.
Intimacy is meant to be intimate and kept private, but it just seems like more and more celebrities feel the need to share their personal business. Jordin Sparks, Terrence Howard, Jill Scott, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Russel Wilson and Ciara are just a few of the celebrities who have spoken publicly of their celibacy at one point or another. Maybe it's just me, but some things are meant to be kept sacred and whether you choose to be celibate or not happens to be one of them. At the end of the day, when a celebrity chooses to share their personal decisions it seems like more of a trend they're trying to follow rather than a serious commitment.

Do you feel like celebrities should broadcast their personal decisions?

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Nope I feel that way too! what u and your significant other do is between u and that individual. That's the problem a lot of people talk to damn much , but that's just my opinion.
I totally agree! It's a bit much. @blakelyoq