Photos when they arrive at the airport on Saturday November 14. They all look so tired hopefully they got a goodnight sleep before the concert. Can you guys spot Taeil he is like a ninja. ***hint: black sweater***
Guess who else I saw at the concert!!!!!! Taewoon, Zico's Brother, omg when i saw him i couldn't believe my eyes. at firat i thought he was here to support his brother but no je was leaving the airport. **sorry that my photos aren't that good**
in the Block-B LA concert we had some technical malfunctions with the screen you see in the 2nd pic. when it was time to raise it up the right side tilted and wouldn't go up. But at least the boys didn't get hurt and the bbcs were relief.
The Boys really enjoyed themselves in the concert and everyone was so hype up In every song they performed. They played 21 songs: 1. Very Good. 2. Wanna b. 3. Halo. 4.Romantically. 5. Ordinary Girl. 6. 11:30. 7.Did you or did you not. 8. No Joke. 9. Zero Conduct. 10. Charlie Chaplin. 11. Okey Dokey 12. Her 13. Jackpot. 14. Mental Breakdown. 15. Action. 16. Tell Them 17. Be The Light. 18.Narina. 19. Nice Day 20.Very Good Rock ver. 21. Movie's Over
My experience was sooo fantastic. I got to touch them once again. My night couldn't get any better. Zico and I were making too much eye contact that night. everyone was just to sexy and giving me the feels. ahhhhhhh I had so much fun that i want to go back in time and experience the whole thing again.
However not everyone experience was nice as mind. One of my friends, which i met in line and who also went to Kcon, had a horrible experience. If you want to know what happened to her go to he Tumblr @doyouwannabethelight
Sorry for not being active for the couple of weeks. But believe it or not one of my friend and I were in charge of Block-B's cake and banners for the fan. The few days before the concert everything was so hectic and wasn't able to post. Sorry *bow*
You're so lucky!!! 馃槶I'm too broke to buy tickets
I'm glad you had a good experience! I had an amazing time at the Chicago concert! ^^ I'm so sorry your friend had such a bad time TT I see stuff like this happens in Hi Touch sometimes. I think staff get too stressed out and forget to be considerate with certain cases such as that. But hopefully Block B will come to the USA again! I'm sure they will since theyve already been here twice just in this year haha ^^
Thank you for this!!! 馃檹馃檹馃檹I feel like I got a taste of what it was like.. I really wish I could of gone馃槩I literally went through all the emotions I was sad and then I cried and then I was angry... But now I have resolve. I will now wait until they come back and nothing will stop me馃槍
I'm so jelly lol. Block B is life