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Now that the full trailer for Bill Burr's F is For Family has been released, we finally know what it's about other than the comedian's childhood. If you didn't click that link to the previous card I wrote about this then I'll save you the trouble of opening up a new tab then closing it then coming back here to the new thing. It's basically just like, "hey here's a thing I know nothing about but looks interesting".
This time around though, I'm less interested than I was before. But I mean like, a lot less interested. I'm definitely not into this and I probably won't watch it. Let me rephrase that actually, I'll only watch it if I'm totally bored and want to eat a giant bag of chips in one sitting but let's be honest, I'll probably watch Jessica Jones before I watch this. So provided I'm done watching Jessica Jones and every other show that exists, then I'll watch this series.
I don't want to completely write this show off but it's definitely something I'm not 100% interested in. I don't have any doubt that there are people that exist who find this kind of humor outrageously funny but it's kind of like that weird, "Let's go back in time, to a time where things were great for white people but shitty for everyone else kind of thing." Well, maybe not completely (like Mad Men) but I don't really understand the whole "when Men were Men" thing but I do understand the "When Dads were Kings" thing. I don't know, man.
I'm really conflicted with this show, especially this trailer, because there are moments that I enjoy (like the end, when the father says he'll throw his kid through the wall if anything happens to his sister, that kind of weird humor makes sense because it seems like the dad cares about his kids). And then there are moments that I absolutely dislike (like when the dad asks his son to hold the wheel so he could drink a beer. Yes, I get that the absurdity is what makes this moment humorous but also it comes off like he doesn't care about his children. Making him a terrible father.)
To break out of the parenthesis real quick, that's kind of the problem I have with this show. The dad, is a terrible fucking dad. I mean, is that what they mean when they say, "when men were men"? There's a whole generation of people -- who are parents now -- that had the worst fucking parents in the world and that's supposed to be cool? I don't know. Maybe I do need to watch the show to get it. I hope there are some nuggets of real, family moments amidst the shitty-dad humor.
F is for Family premieres on Netflix Instant on December 18th, 2015. So if you don't like Star Wars, you can waste your time with this.
great card.
ok. I finally had time to watch the trailer. It seems like a really bad joke that's gone on for too long. I felt like Mad Men was a period series, it conveyed the sentiments of (white) people involved in that world, and I think it did a good job of tbat. The problem with 'adult cartoons' is that from the beginning you know it's satirical in nature so creators feel as though they can be offensive and get away with it because 'it's funny'. That really grinds my gears. In highs school I really liked Family Guy and later American Dad, until I got a little more education and saw an interview with the creator and it dawned on me, "he actaully believes this shit". I can't handle shit like that. I will not be watching.
@Kamiamon I feel the same way. it's really a last resort show. like if there's literally nothing else I can do or warch