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Seriously attempting to put your undying devotion and insurmountable affection into words.....

Half embarrassed at the utterance of your adulation....but mostly embarrassed for this layman's ignorance....

They have no idea what they're missing out on.....(๑^ں^๑)

Whether they throw shade or not, pity their ignorance....

Side note.....how gorgeous is GD?? The hand over the face when he laughs....the shy smile....all my favorite things ♥
@Jiyongixoxo uuugghhh the hands on the face and the laugh and all the things. He's my bias but he's not my bias....our relationship is so complicated.
@Ikpoper lol ah thank youuu! Swings is one of my favorites ♡ lol. But you're exactly right....if you don't love GD there's an emptiness in your heart that will never be filled 💘 @Jiyongixoxo I should've tagged you! I dunno about you, homie but this GIF set is one of my favorites. I only tag @aabxo on certain occasions because that's the only way she even notices me (╥_╥) <\3
@JohnEvans thank you for tagging me in this ! This is seriously perfect
@Jiyongixoxo Have you seen this yet?....This card was made for you :)
I don't understand people who don't understand how gorgeous GD is!!! He is amazing
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