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This diet seems to have become really popular amongst Korean Women between 20-30 years old. It seems to be a the Master Cleanse-Light diet. You are still allowed to eat, just control your portions, unlike the master cleanse where you are not allowed to eat at all. It requires dieters to drink two liters of water diluted with 180 ml of squeezed lemon juice a day, while dramatically cutting their intake of food. Seems a lot easier than the Master Cleanse. I would recommend it to someone who wants to detox without starving themselves
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This one does seem a lot easier than the master cleanse. I wonder if it is as effective. Anyone know?
It seems like the cheaters version of master cleanse, but it is probably still ok to do.
it's not going to have the same effect as the master cleanse itself, but this might help promote weightless. Which is not the original intent of the master cleanse anyways.