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No, you're not allowed to say 'all of them'.

Even though WE KNOW you love every single one. Which one are you prepared to binge watch until the end of time? Which one do you need ten seasons of ASAP? Which one has your favorite characters and episodes and weird plot twists? They can't all be your favorite after all.

Agent Carter?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Jessica Jones?

Too bad! You've got to make up your mind.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Okay not really. But you've still got to pick one!

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@BiblioLady ahhh sweet deal thats fair then 8)
2 years ago·Reply
Jessica Jones, if we're only talking live action...but if cartoons count, I'd have to say the 90's X-Men.
2 years ago·Reply
for live action it would be daredevil. jessica jones being a second. netflix seems to have a better true to material format than abc does. agents is improving. carter was kinda dull to me. if its cartoons than it would be the avengers show a few years back. earths mighteous.
2 years ago·Reply
@BeannachtOraibh @SamuraiKillaJ ooh yeah I didn't think to include the cartoons XD maybe I'll do another card for those since there were so many over the years.
2 years ago·Reply