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I. Hate. Saving. Money. Really though. I hate it. Saving money annoys me. I don't like thinking about the future, and saving money kind of forces you to do that.
So, here's why I've been adopting the easiest savings plan ever. Over the past 3 months, I've saved 4,000 dollars. I am a chronic money waster and shopaholic. Basically what I did was cut my paycheck in half each month, and just save it blatantly.
Here is a seriously easy way to start saving more every single day. This isn't like the bulk strategy I've been using. I think it's more sustainable.
This savings strategy will enable you to save a thousand dollars a year! That's pretty cool, right? It's just subconscious. You can even do this with cash. I think that's my plan.
I'm going to buy a nice piggy bank. Something stylish and grown up, impossibly hip, and then I'm going to stuff it full of money according to this plan. It is, in fact the laziest, most subconscious way to save money I can think of. So like...let's do it.
The trick though, is to not cheat and spend the money you save.
This is a great strategy if you ask me. It is also quite suitable for students, so I guess I am starting on 1st of January.:)
After 18 yrs of saving in the bank from, birth all I had when I started college was $1100 or so; but that's because all that was put in there was from interest from back in the 90s when Clinton was in office :D
Hahaha I dig that plan!
very doable..thanks..I'm doubling each week to get 2000..
I will be starting this.