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Do we need another one, or is Tony's arc complete?

Iron Man is probably the most popular character in the cinematic universe right now, so of course people would go see a fourth film in the hero's solo franchise. But do you feel like we need one? Or would we be better off seeing a solo film with a character that hasn't gotten as much screen time? Marvel's schedule extends through the next four years, but that doesn't mean we can't start making demands!
I don't even know how they would make a fourth one since he took the thing out of his chest. that was a pretty major thing in being iron man
YAY YAY YAY. don't say nay y'all
I'd love a new iron man movie but I don't feel like it's needed. there isn't anything that needs to be developed in a new movie for him. so a hawkeye or a blackwidow movie might be more justifiable.
As long as they keep making quality films. keep them coming I say. if they stop, one day you'll be like "wish they would of made more of these", especially with rbj playing him.
It's a meh at this point.
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