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The lovely @LizArnone challenged me to a Brave Moment in Literature challenge. She used an example from Harry Potter check out the original <<HERE>>
She challenged me to write a card about a brave moment from characters in a book that I love. And the example I'm going to use is from my favorite book as a child, Tuck Everlasting.
The book was turned into a movie (though it's not as good as the book, lol.)
But here's a summary of the book. The Tuck Family, a mysterious family that moves into town has a secret. They live forever. Magically they drank from a stream that turned them immortal.
Winnie Foster befriends the youngest son, who encourages her at the end of the book to drink from the stream and also become immortal.

The Bravest Moment? (SPOILERS)

When Winny decides NOT to drink from the stream, and decides to remain mortal. Her reasoning? The Tuck Family has taught her to live life to the fullest already because they saw how fleeting it was for their friends, now it was her turn to live her life.


Well most of us (I think) would love to be immortal, and we would drink from the stream in a second. Winnie chose to live her life and to face death when it came. She wanted to grow old, and experience all the pains and joys of live.
Because if life is forever, then what's the use in seeing the beauty in it?

Thanks for the challenge!

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And yes, I did read the book lol its just, she was in a different age group compared to the movie where she's a teenager and better able to see the difficulty in her choice
@nicolejb thanks for the changelle.
Omg the second I saw your title I KNEW IT WOULD BE THAT MOMENT !!!! ugh you are so right that was so brave especially because tuck was her first love toooooo
AHHH YAY! I'm so happy I found some fellow fans. @VixenViVi @LizArnone In the movie she falls in love, but with the book she just plays with the idea of living forever with her new friends... both I think are hard decisions. @Luci546 Can we talk about the casting in this?! Because Alexis Bledel was PERFECT in the movie. And the guy that play Jesse was so perfect too.
@nicolejb YESS XD they were fantastic! I rarely ever cry from watching a movie, BUT THEY PULLED ME IN. THEY GOT ME