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You know when you come out of a long K-drama marathon and you start speaking this weird mix of English and Korean? And half the time you don't even know what you're saying?

Well, here are a few sounds that we can learn:


"YAH!" means "HEY!" You can't use it to say hello, its more of an attention grabber :D


"Ah-ee-goo" is similar to "ugh" but a little bit stronger. Think of it as, "Ah-ee-goo you're so annoying" or "ah-ee-goo my back hurts."


"Eo-meo!" is like "OMG" and is usually used when you're surprised :D


"Neo" means "you" and people often yell it when they're angry and need someone (that they know really well) to pay attention. Like the boyfriend does something bad then runs away, the girl would say "YAH! Neo!" or "Hey! You!!"


"Wae" means "why" and is usually used to ask "why are you acting like this?" when being screamed in a K-drama lol ^^
Just for fun, I now leave you with Gu Jun Pyo screaming "AISHHHHH" whenever he's frustrated (it starts at 0:44)

What other sounds have you picked up from watching K-Dramas?

찐자 (jjinja) is something I picked up quickly
I am so guilty of saying "Aishhh" "Wae" and "Eomo" these days. it's to the point my roommate who doesn't watch kdramas is saying Aish as a joke.
aush! and otoke! and aneyo. somehow these have made their way into my everyday vocabulary
I use all of these everywhere and my sisters are learning it too
heol 헐, jalja 찰차, ireona 일어나, gwiyopta 귀엽다, chugulae 죽을래?, oh kamchagiya 오! 깜짝이야, mashita 맛있다,(spelling is way off probably)
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